The Bradshaw Meadow’s

Cade Bradshaw and Katie Shaw-Meadow celebrated their wedding in the Point Reyes National Seashore on August 6, 2022, with a reception at a private home in Inverness California. The pair were joined as the Bradshaw Meadow’s by the Reverend Helen Fiegenschue, surrounded by a small group of friends and family.

Images by Erin Prado (@erinpradophoto) for Vivian Chen Weddings (@vivianchenweddings)

Tower Photo

Trinity in the Rearview Mirror

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” said Dr. Danny Anderson, smiling upon receiving his Trinity photograph. Commissioned as a parting gift, Danny’s words allude to the lasting impact Trinity has on all who cross her path.

Pre-order your own Trinity in the Rearview Mirror print today, and you’ll receive a first printing of Dr. Anderson’s farewell gift. Simply fill out the form below, and Cade will email you an invoice for payment.

    Collection Jars - Inspiration and Prompt

    Collection jars are markers of a place, time, and people. Capturing smells is to freeze an emotion in time, but then watch it change as your memories evolve and fade. To capture your smell, open your jar in proximity to the smell. Once filled with ambient air, close the lid tight!

    Use the examples to the right to help inspire your choice of smells and descriptive language. Label the origin of the scent with a descriptor such as “Freshly baked cookies”. Or, you may embody an experience in a more cryptic notation such as “relaxing”, or “free flowing”.

    In addition to your label, it is optional to accompany your smell with additional writing or other artistic expressions. This is encouraged (again, optional), and gives beautiful context to your choices and insights. Accompaniments may be written on the slip, or shared via other channels.

    Project Origins

    Smell: Coffee with the additions of coco, cinnamon, and/or cardamom
    Label: Cafe Con Canela
    Optional Accompaniment: Mi Abuela taught me how to make Cafe Con Canela. She liked to have a cup even in the heat of the day! Her recipe has survived past her years on earth. It breathes softly in all of her children’s homes.

    Smell: Must and oil from a guitar case.
    Label: Twang
    Optional Accompaniment: I play music to relax, but frankly I’m not very gifted. Sometimes I daydream about playing funny songs for traffic on the corner of Flores and Salinas (next to the Dr. Seuss mural.)

    Smell: Head and Shoulders shampoo mixed with Oatmeal.
    Label: Duke
    Optional Accompaniment: Duke the dog can speak, sit, and lay down. Duke loves everyone dearly and with great enthusiasm, especially ducks, snow, and his family. Also Brisket. Duke really loves brisket.

    Cade - About

    Visual artist Cade Bradshaw considers art and science interdisciplinary practices. His photographs, mixed media works, and sculptures explore complex relationships found between humanity and nature. His work seeks to focus our attentions on the primary structures of life, time, and evolution of form.

    When not building his private practice, Cade co-owns Bridge Projects with Stuart Allen. Bridge seeks to foster creative engagement through the act of making, and provides professional design, fabrication, management and documentation services. When not making art, Cade can be found experimenting in his kitchen, riding bicycles, and exploring Texas’ open spaces.

    p: 512 | 669.8791

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