Cade Bradshaw | Paper Cloud 2.0
cade bradshaw | artist
cade bradshaw, artist, art, san antonio, drawing, painting, culture, photography, printmaking, xerox, trinity university
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Paper Cloud 2.0

Paper Cloud, 2017
bond paper, wire, staples, cerrowire, LED lights
60′ x 25′ x 30′
Temporary installation: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts


A BRIDGE project with Stuart Allen


Owned by Cade Bradshaw and Stuart Allen, Bridge Projects designs creative projects which empower the creativity of others. Each cloud lamp is constructed by crumpling and shaping bond paper around a wire frame and LED light source. Through a series of 9 workshops, more than 90 civic employees, architects, design professionals, colleagues, and students contributed to the final installation. Installed together outside the Carlos Alvarez Studio Theatre, the assembled mass is greater than the sum of its parts.


Sponsored by The Tobin Center for the Performing ArtsAIA San Antonio, Lake | Flato ArchitectsERT Lighting. For a full list of project participants, visit