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Cade Bradshaw is a visual artist based in San Antonio Texas. Formally trained in biology, his work often uses science to explore the complexity of our world. Though art and science are often thought to be disparate fields, the processes of observation and experimentation both seek to answer the big questions of our time. Thus, Cade approaches his work from the standpoint of an ecologist, recognizing the links between many elements in complex systems. He studies the interactions of natural and built ecosystems, the process of evolution, and perceptions of time and space.

Overall, his work seeks to make these connections plain, while emphasizing that the most common elements of our daily experience are truly wondrous. When not making art, Cade can be found experimenting in his kitchen, riding bicycles, and exploring Texas’ open spaces.


Stuart Allen and Cade are the owners of Bridge Projects. “Bridge” activates the public’s creativity with hands on art and making projects. A full list of their collaborations, and project participants can be found online at